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Jazz improvisation masterclass @ Rowlett Middle Academy 2

Teaching Experience

Basic Musicianship

History of Hip-Hop

History of Jazz

Big Band Conducting

Jazz Combo Coaching

Jazz Improvisation

Academic Accomplishments

Jazz improvisation masterclass @ Rowlett Middle Academy 2022

Throughout my experience at URI, I have learned a great deal when teaching. I would have some knowledge on the subjects I taught, but after creating a curriculum and powerpoints for courses, I learned how to present the information in an easily digestible way for the current generation of students.

I also learned how to teach music to non-musicians, which was harder than it seems.

When conducting big band and coaching jazz combo, it was an experience that was taught second hand through my professors at Florida State and URI so that was an easy experience, but great to get some real experience. 

Research Conducted

While at URI, I would take part in numerous research projects for my courses. I studied the evolution of jazz trombone solos from the 1920s all the way to the 1990s, taking a look into the way the trombone solo would grow throughout jazz history. I also researched what was common jazz language over the Dominant chord before John Coltrane's A Love Supreme through four soloists, Stan Getz, Bill Evans, Joe Henderson, and McCoy Tyner. I also have researched the playing style of Thelonious Monk through two tunes that he recorded, Monk's Dream and Tea for Two. I also studied with Dr. Goods, and Dr. Longo on jazz arranging and composition writing multiple tunes and having some of them recorded. I would write a melody and build off it and develop a small group or big band arrangement. 

Goals After Graduation

After graduation from URI, I will be going to Eastman School of Music to complete my Doctor of Music Arts degree in jazz studies. After my Doctorate I will find work in higher education wherever that may be. After which, I will be using my experience from teaching jazz history and improvisation to conduct masterclasses around the public school system and start growing a jazz scene or inject myself in the community and expand upon what is going on.

While doing this, I also intend on growing my performing career through freelance composing, creating different bands, and playing wherever I can.

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